My Defender in a Wild Frontier

There are only so many things that can keep out wild dogs of Africa. houston wrought iron fence is one. When I moved to Zambia, I knew this would be a problem. I lost three chickens in the span of two days, but when I bought a houston wrought iron fence, the eating stopped. I went out in my jeep, on the red grasses of the savannah, and looked out. There, standing like its majestic counterpart of China, was my houston wrought iron fence. The dogs were just beyond it, looking at me with a feverish hunger in their eyes. They wanted my chickens. They ran their sleek and flea bitten bodies against the barrier, but try as they might they could not penetrate. The houston wrought iron fence stood firm against all bombardments. Then, there were the elephants. I have never seen an animal lay to waste a spinach patch like a bull elephant in heat. But by my word, the houston wrought iron fence kept them at bay as well. they ran with all speed and ferocity, bound and determined to taste the succulent trophies of my cultivation, and yet the houston wrought iron fence kept them out. I may have been a braggart to sit on my veranda, just inside my houston wrought iron fence and eat the fruits or should I say vegetables of my labor, in full view of the brutes, but so be it. Now, I would have drawn the line at the deadly black mamba. Surely a simple houston wrought iron fence could not keep out the downfall of Eve, but to my great surprise and astonishment, it did. My son was playing in the yard when one of the devils rose up to strike him. Thank goodness he was on one side of the houston wrought iron fence and my treasured son was on the other.

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