Do Claimants Need Social Security Lawyers to Be Awarded Benefits?

Q: Are social security lawyers really necessary to win disability claims?

A: Social security lawyers are not required in order to apply for disability insurance. Some claimants are awarded benefits after initially applying and do not have legal representation. The most common time for claimants to seek assistance from social security lawyers is after they have been denied benefits after that initial application phase. The next step after being initially denied is to file for reconsideration. If denied again, claimants would then appeal for a hearing. Social security lawyers are not required for hearings, but are invaluable during that process. Social security lawyers not only hold a law degree, but have a lot of experience dealing with various disability cases. That means they understand the review process and what is needed to make a fair judgment on a case better than the average claimant. That equates to the best possible outcome for your claim. So although social security lawyers are not necessary in order to win disability claims, they are an invaluable asset to assuring that everything possible is being done to obtain fair outcomes for those claimants. Having a lawyer who specializes in social security disability claims represent your case means you can be confident that your claim will be adjudicated fairly and in a timely manner.

Q: Should you apply again if you were denied benefits after applying?

A: Assuming you submitted your application completely and correctly when you initially applied, do not simply apply again after being denied benefits for the first time. You will almost assuredly be denied again, which will only make an already lengthy review process even longer for you. Your appropriate next step would be to appeal to have your claim reconsidered. And you must do so within 60 days of receiving notification of being denied benefits. If you have concerns about your initial application or your ability to provide the necessary supporting evidence, it would be wise to speak with a social security lawyer.

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