The Casual and Elegant Look of Tea Time Dresses

The vintage style and flowery prints of tea time dresses make them appropriate for nearly all occasions. Summertime finds females of all ages wearing chic tea time dresses. No matter what type of event or outing, tea dresses look elegant enough at high fashion parties or an afternoon patio party with friends. These feminine, girlish dresses flatter all types of figures.

In 1841 Anna Maria Stanhope, who was the seventh Duchess of Bedford, started the traditional “High Tea” in the UK. The socialites wore elegant dresses when they participated in the afternoon tea event. The stylish tea time dresses have been popular all over the world since that time. The original dresses were made of floral designed chiffon, and they were tight-fitting at the waist. In those days, the tea time dresses were worn with either a slip or corsage.

The tea time dresses have been in most fashion shows throughout the ages. They are still very popular and the length of tea time dresses fluctuate with time. Women like the feminine look and feel. Some years the original snug waist and knee-length styles appear, while other years longer styles or more flowing dresses with no waist line appear. Warm weather makes them a perfect dress to wear with sheer hosiery or no hosiery at all. Knitted tights worn under ankle length tea time dresses keeps you warm and looking trendy in the fall and winter.

Since tea time dresses fit any occasion, it is easy to wear a tea time dress and comfortable shoes for a casual look at work and change into an elegant pair of heels for a night on the town. Many local and online shops carry tea time dresses in several styles. Just take a look online for the latest fashions. If you prefer the more vintage styles, check out garage sales, thrift shops, online auctions, and flea markets or market fairs.

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