Fort Myers Residential Real Estate Anyone Will Love

Fort Myers is located in a beautiful section of South Florida. Anyone considering looking into Fort Myers residential real estate will love being so close to the Gulf Coast region. Everyone wants a beautiful place to make a home for themselves and their families, and Fort Myers is a great city to do it in. Fort myers residential real estate comes with many of the usual amenities, as well as some that one may not have considered at first.

Fort Myers residential real estate includes some of the most beautiful condos in the country. Not only are the homes beautiful, but so is the area they are situated in. Fort Myers is only a short drive away to the gorgeous Gulf Coast beaches, where one can enjoy sparkling blue waters and amazing beaches that go on for as far as the eye can see. People can lay out in the sun, try their hand at surfing, or go fishing out on a deep sea boat.

Fort Myers residential real estate and condos are also close to dozens of other sights. Fort Myers is a short drive away from other gorgeous cities such as Cape Coral, Naples and Port Charlotte. Moving into the beautiful Fort Myers residential real estate that is available also brings the added benefits of being in the same state as such amazing theme parks as Universal Studios, Disney World and Epcot Center, which both parents and children will want to visit again and again.

A third great reason to look into Fort Myers Residential real estate is that it is located in a low cost state like Florida. Florida is one of the few states with no state income taxes. The cost of living is also generally lower than states like New York, California or Massachusetts. With everything added together, those looking for a beautiful place to move to may find that Fort Myers residential real estate might be just what they are searching for.

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