Targets Are A Fuel To Ambition

On listening to the word target a lot of things come in the mind. We, the humans, are imbued with a certain sense of direction which leads us towards specific objectives and destinations. A life without any target is usually like a ship without a rudder. Setting the target for yourself is like giving you a constant fillip which adds fuel to the fire of ambition and high achievement.

Taking a leaf out of the recent human history, we see how the indomitable will of humans overcame the greatest evil forces of the previous century i.e., the Nazi Germany. The allies had one specific target in mind and that was the complete destruction of the Nazi Military Power. There were a lot of instances when it seemed that the allies would miss the target of the complete destruction of the Axis Forces but by persistently keeping the target of war in the mind, the allies were not only able to thoroughly defeat Nazi Germany but were also able to carve out a unique European political order.

Likewise, keeping in view the contemporary development, the American Nation devoted themselves to the target of finding and killing Osama Bin Ladin. And after almost a decade of painstaking intelligence work the Americans were able to hunt him out. The target was again achieved with the help of sheer hard work and dedication. The Americans, are now at the liberty of saying that they can achieve whatever target they set for themselves. No doubt the world has also become a lot safer place after the killing of the most nefarious and gruesome person on the face of the earth.

A lot of Europeans are now setting themselves the target of improving the European economic recover. Given the Greek Debt crisis and other high ranging economic issues, this target seems impossible to achieve. However, my observation of European history suggests that whatever targets the Europeans have in their mind, at the end of the day they will be able to meet almost all of them.

I salute to the indomitable and indefatigable spirit of European nation which has enabled them time and again to come out of the worries and emerge as a stronger nation. This is all because of their habit of achieving the targets. No doubt the Europeans have carved out a name for themselves in the annals of history and the other nations can also meet their specific targets by emulating the European example.

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