Houston Events- Reason To Explore Attractions Of Houston

Houston is located in the southern part of the beautiful state Texas. It is loaded with plenty of fun filled activities that are held throughout the year. Some Houston events are seasonal, however, other are the annual Houston events. Annual Houston events include Southwestern music festival, great Gatsby days, Houston barbeque fest, Southwestern food festival, film festivals and many other traditional events. All these events have special interest and meaning to the people of different traditions living in Texas, which reflect their cultural heritage.

The most popular event amongst all the Houston events held annually is Southwestern music festival. This event is organized during the first weekend of March every year at Cynthia Woods Mitchell pavilion. The artists and the singers who took part in Southwestern music festival usually play western music. Every year, musicians and artists from all parts of the United States visit Houston to participate and show their talents. Besides that, Great Gatsby days is another important event that takes place in the last weekend of March in an honor of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Being a part of Houston events, this festival is considered as a spring festival which takes place at Gatsby social club where people come and see the film based on the Scott’s novel “the great Gatsby” written in mid 20th Century.

Barbeque Fest is another popular festival. This event is held every year in which different chefs prepare barbeque from ribs and chicken. They also prepare homemade sauces which are being judged by the celebrities. The winner chef is also awarded with a prize for his all round performance. This event is organized during the last weekend of June annually at Main Street Park.

Southwestern food festival and Film Festival are two other most popular Houston events organized in the city. These events are organized to reflect the food and film culture of the Western world. Food festival is organized during the first weekend of August every year at Main Street Park, while film festival is organized during the weekends of first and second week of September every year.

The Main Street Part of Houston is a prime location where most of the Houston events are organized. This street mostly has old houses where people decorate these old houses with lights during these Houston events and festivals. The special Houston events, Go Texan day is the traditional event held every year on 16th March. So, do visit Houston to enjoy these amazing events and make your holidays an unforgettable one.

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