Foley Catheter Supplies For Use With Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Catheter supplies

If you work in a professional medical care facility and do not rely on the highest quality of catheter supplies, whether the clinic or hospital is in need of Medicare catheter supplies, Foley catheter supplies, self catheter supplies or urinary catheter supplies, you may be putting your patients at risk. Foley catheter supplies should always be ordered from a trusted medical supplies agency or distributor. While the highest quality of Foley catheter supplies may cost more than the cheap knock offs, any patient that you use a catheter on is going to appreciate knowing that you bought the good stuff. To learn more about the cost of Foley catheter supplies, here are some facts about the use of catheters and injuries associated with them.

While most people believe catheters are most often used as a way to drain urine, there are also a wide range of catheter products that get applied for several procedures and purposes. Foley catheter supplies are more frequently required at a urologist clinic or gynecological clinic, it is true, but general practitioners should have at least some Foley catheter supplies on hand in case they are required. Spinal cord injuries often necessitate the use of a Foley catheter, for example. There are more than one quarter of a million patients in America that have a spinal cord injury of some kind of nerve living through the pain today, with four out of every five of those spinal cord injury patients reported in a national database to be male.

While that number of spinal cord injuries is pretty high, it is worth noting that nine out of every 10 of those patients will end up being discharged from the hospital so that they are able to go home. Spinal trauma is pretty common among military personnel that served in Iraq or Afghanistan, at a rate of 5 percent, or one out of every 20 soldiers, according to a study that was published in the Journal Of Bone And Joint Surgery. One way that a facility that focuses on the care of veterans can cover the cost of their catheter supplies is to rely on governmental grants and programs. Veteran benefits that pay for ongoing medical care will make it easy for your facility to rely on medical capture services, meaning that you track the cost of every procedure you perform and are able to bill the appropriate agency on behalf of the patient.

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