Process Safety Management Works At Every Level


3,000 Americans die every year from food poisoning, which is a statistic no one wants to contribute to. Unfortunately, without the proper process safety management solutions in place, you may not have the level of protection that your business will need if you handle food production, delivery, and more. Food safety certification is absolutely vital in an age where there are so many opportunities to make other people in other parts of the country, or even the world, ill if you do not have the right practices. Of the 19,000 International Standards, around 1,000 are dedicated to food, including agricultural machinery, labeling, manufacturing, storage, transportation, and more. CMMI certification and HACCP certification are just two parts of ensuring that your process safety management is on par and ready to meet the changing needs of a market which requires the absolute best in both product safety and organizational accountability. ISO 9000 certification may also help to build a better structure for a business where the proper record keeping and transportation practices can help to avoid many of the problems associated with improper process safety management situations, so for businesses that want to know where to start, the road to better safety may begin with the right management solution.

Senate Bill 303, or the California Food Handler Card Law, requires that all employees who prepare, store, or serve food carry Food Handler Cards. These requirements are an important part of the right process safety management because they easily identify those who are responsible for the food safety process as it occurs in different stages. Those who prepare food have different responsibilities than those who store it or those who transport it. Different temperatures must be maintained, and different records must be kept, but communication and proper documentation can make sure that everyone will be on the same page.

FAMI QS is a quality and safety system that is used for specialty feed ingredients, and can help to minimize the risk of unsafe feed ingredients that may enter the food chain. Ideas like this are a big part of the right HACCP plan, because they play into just one step of the bigger picture into which process safety management may be vital. Whether you need Iso training or ServSafe certification for your employees, you may be able to get great consultation and education from a business that understands the importance of food safety.

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