BlackBerry Mobile Device Management Can Keep Your Network Secure

Bes policy

A proper BES policy operating on an enterprise server will give the BlackBerry user the ability to receive both corporate and personal email, but this does not come without the threat of risks being posed to the network, which is why a plan for BlackBerry mobile device management must be put into action for your company. There are about 77 million BlackBerry devices currently in use across the globe and if your business has decided that this will be its mobile device of choice for its network, then BlackBerry mobile device management steps must be taken. By creating a Bes security policy that your employees can live with, your IT team will be able to look into the activity being conducted on the network and take action if protocols are broken.

About 83 percent of BlackBerry users access the net daily from their mobile devices versus 63 percent of other smartphone users and this notion makes the idea of having a Blackberry mobile device management system in place even more imperative for your business. The internet can be a dangerous place when you have important company data floating around and this is why you need to have security precautions firmly in place for each device. Fortunately, once you adopt a security policy, your IT professionals will be able keep up with all of the comings and goings taking place on the network and will make sure that your important data is never compromised for any reason.

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