How to Select a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers florida

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury as a result of someone else in the Florida area, you may want to begin researching a Orlando personal injury lawyer. Experienced Orlando personal injury lawyers know how to build your case, how to negotiate your case with an insurance company, and, if necessary, how to take your case to trial.

While it is certainly possible to negotiate your claim with an insurance company yourself without the help of a Florida injury attorney, insurance companies are typically more experienced than you are. Going in unarmed without qualified Florida injury lawyer may result in you getting the lowest possible settlement, which is something that you may not know if you are heading into a case without the proper legal representation of a qualified Florida personal injury lawyer.

Orlando personal injury lawyers and west palm beach personal injury lawyers vary in price, so be sure to do your research when you are going through your selection process. Expenses also include all court filing fees, deposition costs, expenses for medical records, and fees for expert reports and testimony. Depending on the seriousness of your injury, these costs can range from a few hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars or more. However, most lawyers will charge a contingency fee.

A contingent fee essentially means your lawyer does not get paid unless and until you receive money, either through a settlement or a verdict after trial. The amount of the contingent fee your lawyer will charge will vary somewhat from state to state. In most states, the attorney fee will be between one third and 40 percent of a personal injury award. If your lawyer is not willing to take the risk of the contingency fee, keep looking.

Finding an Orlando personal injury lawyer can be a tedious process, but taking the time to do the extra research increases your likelihood of being happy with the end result of your case. Ask about previous cases, success rates, and whether or not they are willing to charge a contingency rate. Heading in as an informed consumer will help you to make the best decision for yourself.

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