Steelerize Your Car and Boat


Steel is known as one of the most durable resources on our planet. The earliest use of steel can be traced back to 4,000 years ago. In fact, more than 80 million tons of this iron alloy are recycled each year in North America; that number is more than the combined total of plastic, paper, aluminum, and glass that Americans recycle each year! Due to its popularity and durability, steel is now being used to manufacture more than just cars and construction beams. Today, steel is now being used for homes, metal garages, car ports, and garage buildings.

Metal carports made from steel are resistant to fire, termites, and earthquakes, as well as other natural causes of damage. Metal carports or garage buildings can do more than store your automobile, bicycles, and your lawn mower. Metal carports or metal garages made from steel can be large enough to house a recreational boat, recreational vehicle, or a workshop. Approximately 18 million Americans own a recreational boat and a dilemma many of these people have is with storing and protecting their luxury items. For example, UV damage is a serious threat to boats, and metal carports can protect them from such damage. Additionally, metal carports that house cars can eliminate potential damage from falling limbs, hail, and other fierce elements.

If you wish to do the installation of metal carports yourself, metal carport kits can be purchased online or from brick and mortar retailers. This option enables you to construct your very own metal carports.

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