Vinyl Coated Fabric Has Many Different Uses

Truck side curtain vinyl

Vinyl coated fabrics are another product that was created from the same base as vinyl sign material. Eighties rock stars are not the only people to enjoy vinyl coated fabrics. Vinyl sign material is involved when factories produce printable vinyl.

If you thought vinyl was only used to make records than you are sorely mistaken. In addition to helping The Beatles become the number one pop band of all time, vinyl has also helped create many different products. Vinyl sign material can be used to make several different types of products.

Vinyl sign material made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC surprisingly enough, never had a patent from its inventor. German chemist Eugene Baumann created PVC in 1872. Vinyl fabrics can be used to create more than just records, though.

Laminate fabric which can be handy for the arts and crafts types has a vinyl base. Interestingly enough, vinyl is the second most produced plastic in the world. That is saying a lot considering how much plastic is used in daily life.

One of the most popular toys for children in the twentieth century is called Colorforms which is made from vinyl coated fabrics. The fact that vinyl fabrics are so durable is what makes them great for outdoor use. People can go camping all thanks to vinyl fabrics.

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