If You Work In A Restaurant You Know What FIFO Means

Food safety course

When you are taking a food and hygiene course, one of the first things you will probably learn about is FIFO. Most restaurants have adopted this acronym meaning, First In First Out, because it helps employees remember a system to keep all the food that is being served fresh and never expired. Of course, if you do not keep perishable foods under forty degrees Fahrenheit FIFO will not matter because of the dangers of multiplying bacteria.

By getting a food handlers permit online, you can learn all of this and prevent it from happening in your restaurant. If you require your employees to take a food protection course you can help ensure that they will follow safe rules for food service.

Health inspectors, who have a food protection certificate, are trained to make sure that a restaurant is up to code in every category. The rules can vary slightly, but for the most part each food protection course teaches the same things. If you take a food handling course you can learn those things, too.

Restaurant food safety is important because people in the US spent about two thousand eating at restaurants in 2011. By taking a food protection course you and your employees can make sure that customers will keep coming back to your safe and clean restaurant. Get more here.

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