Are Your Company Profits Suffering from Poor Web Design?

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Imagine a website with a Comic Sans title, and links everywhere. The background is black with bright gold stars. Maybe sometimes they twinkle. The clumps of links do not work, you are not really sure what the website is about anyway, and every couple of seconds, you are distracted by flashy, out of control ads or pop ups. How long are you going to stay on that website? Web design matters. A poorly constructed website can hurt your credibility, and company as a whole. What makes a a good website?

Eye Catching Visuals

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. That means good websites have images, but good websites also have balance. A few, well picked images lend themselves to a refined, professional look. Viewers are finicky and unpredictable, preferring photographs to cartoons or drawings and, above all else, pictures of baby faces.

Fast Load Times

Even so, web design experts know that sites are not about visuals alone. Internet users today are impatient, waiting an average of only four seconds for a page to load. If your company website exceeds that load limit, people are going to search elsewhere for the same product or services.

Search Engine Optimization

More than 88.8% of internet traffic is directed by big name search engines, like Google or Yahoo. Professional web site design keeps this in mind, tailoring all content to incorporate relevant keywords and show up first on search engine result pages.

Good Web Design Takes Time

Right click on any individual webpage, and click “view page source.” Your brain will immediately be pummeled with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more. Images, load times, search engine optimization, relevant content, and each individual component that goes into creating a webpage requires an endless amount of coding, and not just anyone can do it. Serious companies will benefit from outsourcing for professional, inexpensive web design. Web designs services save you time and headaches, especially for smaller companies with limited time and resources.

Whether your company is large or small, seeking professional, inexpensive web design can ensure that your business webpage has all the right components, without costing you valuable time and do overs.
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