Camouflage, Not Just For the Military Anymore

Camouflage pants

The fur coats of foxes and hares are capable of protection in all seasons because they change from dark in summer to white in winter. Humans began to learn during war times how to adopt this natural camouflage to blend in to different terrain. We now have different camouflage clothing patterns to match the different kinds of combat terrain, such as woodland, snow, and desert.

During World War II, aerial watch and attack led to all countries seeking out camouflage targets of all types. Just like with hundreds of wild species, the protective coloring will help hide them from enemies or warn them away. Now days, camo patterns are used as a fashion in addition to military protective clothing.

Modern military camo is derived from the avante garde cubist art of the 20th century. We have expanded this art form to the general public with hundreds of products such as camo seat covers, camo clothing, camouflage bedding, camouflage purses, and even pink camo. People have interest as small as camo seat covers all the way up to having a camo wedding. The popularity has grown exponentially since the second World War.

Camouflage quickly spread from the military into the hunting arena for its functionality. However, the general public has been increasingly drawn to the intricate patterns and colors. No longer are the days where a hunter is the only one picking up camo seat covers. Even non hunting women are investing in pick camo purses and camo seat covers to decorate their cars. This new fashion trend has become quite the phenomenon.

If you just cannot break free from the disguising patterns, go crazy. You will be part of a nation wide trend of incorporating camo into you everyday style. Start small with some car camo seat covers, or go full guns with camo home decorating or a camo wardrobe. No matter how you use it, you will be in style.

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