How Effective Is Your Local Online Advertising Campaign?

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So, you’ve either started a small business or perhaps you are currently employed by one. However, your workplace doesn’t seem to be getting much traffic and you’re not quite sure of the best ways to generate it. You need to find a way to start bringing in the large clients and volume of customers you desire in your area, which means some local online advertising might be in order. Although the internet has gained a large foothold in the world of ad campaigns and marketing, advertising in the Yellow Pages is still a perfectly fine way to spread the word of your business as well.

You may want to consider a method of generating traffic known as SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization which affects the visibility of a website through organic search results which is different from an internet advertising strategy that is based around employing non organic methods such as paid advertisements. These sponsored links, while used, are shown to be largely passed by. As a matter of fact, according to a full 80 percent of internet search engine users, these sponsored links on SERPS, that is, search engine results pages, are ignored most of if not all of the time. On the flip side to this marketers polled called SEO lead generation tactics “very effective” with 34 percent saying so. To measure the success of this tactic, one might measure the organic search engine click through rate, or CTR, which will show how engaged users are.

Search engine optimization advice is readily available and there’s no shame in looking for help. Over half, that is, 54 percent of small business owners have admitted to the fact that in the area of social media marketing, they could use a bit of help. While hunting for information about online marketing on your own can be effective in getting your local online advertising campaign off the ground, working with an SEO agency is also effective. Of those marketers who do in house SEO, 11 percent say they are very satisfied with the performance of the program, while those who work with an SEO agency are more satisfied, at 21 percent.

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