Loved Ones Can Visit Inmates Without Taking Days Off Work, From the Comfort of Their Own Homes

Inmate visitation system

Did you know that more and more people are visiting inmates from the comfort of their homes? Video visitation systems provide an alternative that is beneficial to inmates, prisoner families and friends, and prison officials. How?

Families Get More Visits at More Convenient Times

Prison video visitation requires two monitors, one in the inmate cell or surrounding area, and another allowing the inmate to see and talk to friends or family members. In most cases, this second monitor can be located just about anywhere, including at home. That means families can visit inmates without traveling, cutting down on gas and transportation expenses. These video visits are also much easier to arrange, so families can talk to inmates more often and provide greater support.

Prison Officials Can Monitor Inmates More Closely

On the other end of the equation, inmate video visitation allows prison guards and officials to keep better tabs on prison activity. Traditional visits result in contraband and, with fewer people physically in and out of prisons, these visits also drastically reduce the amount of restricted items. On that same note, video visitation systems cut down on the number of visitors in facilities, making it possible for guards and officials to focus their attention where it is needed.

Inmates, family and friends, and prison officials alike benefit from the adoption of a video visitation system.

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