SEO Reseller Programs Can Drive New Business

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A successful website is in integral part of any marketing and advertising plan for a business. It can help drive new business to the company; however, if it is not search engine optimized it will not receive visitors who will turn into customers. SEO reseller plans can help you with the efforts that can drive that visitor traffic. There are several interesting facts and statistics that can help you understand the need for SEO reseller plans.

Statistics show that about 93 percent of all online experiences begin by using a search engine. Search engine Google commands about 70 percent market share of the U.S. search engine industry. Because of this large share, it is important to interface with Google effectively. SEO reseller plans will help you gain higher rankings on Google through their understanding of the search engine process. For instance, an SEO reseller program will make sure that the name of your website is one of the top five anchor texts.

Custom and organic content is also part of the SEO reseller plans. While many companies think that they can just pay for some links at the top of the page, this is rather ineffective. This is due to the fact that 70 to 80 percent of users will not click on a paid link; they actually prefer the organic results.

When considering the content provided by SEO reseller plans, it is important to have custom content. About 61 percent of customers indicate that they are more like to make a purchase at a business website that presents custom content.

SEO reseller plans and Seo outsourcing can also help you optimize your site for mobile device users. Statistic prove that a large number of mobile users will leave a site immediately if it has not be optimized for use on devices such as smart phones and tablets.

SEO reseller plans can eliminate the frustration that can come with trying to perform SEO by yourself. Creating effective copy and content may not be your strong suit, and you really want to concentrate on your day to day business activities. Finding SEO reseller plans to take over these tasks will free you up for what you do best. And of course, you will be able to sit back and watch as your visitor numbers go up on your website, and in turn creating more business.
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