Social Media Can Make Your Campaign

Political environment in marketing

Political campaign marketing is one of the best ways to build on everything from name recognition to voter and demographic outreach. The methods used in the political marketing that are used today go all the way back to the year 1960, when Kennedy and Nixon squared off in one of the closest elections in American history. But what is more important is the fact that political candidates are turning to sources like social media like never before.

Furthermore, companies like Facebook are beginning to recognize Washington for the first time. Facebook co founder Chris Hughes bought the New Republic, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post and now Facebook employs a full half dozen people who work exclusively with political campaigns. That is up from what they had in 2008.

And people are beginning to use the internet to make political contributiions as well. Roughly 10 percent of political campaigns are receiving contributions through mobile apps and through text messaging today. And this is where people will increasingly see that they have a large share of the market. Political parties are scrambling to figure out all of the implications of social media and the internet for the nature of politics and it is for this reason that the web will probably have more influence over politics during the next cycle than it ever has before.

Of course, social media users are typically more liberal than they are conservative. But political environment in marketing can matter for everyone. When someone needs estrategias politicas para ganar una eleccion as they say in Mexico, social media and the internet can be indispensible. If people need cursos online politica, these are also available. Reaching the right people is the key to winning an election. That is what it means to have a true political campaign marketing strategy in place. Read more here:

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