Too Little Time for Marketing? Poorly Executed SEO Can Threaten Your Company’s Future

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Did you know that, the overwhelming majority of small business owners, or 88%, also act as the company marketing department? Modern marketing is not simple. Online marketing alone demands careful attention, and companies that do not have the time to devote to it are going to suffer. What do companies need to look out for, and where should companies focus efforts?

Content Creation

Public relations, including online marketing, is quickly becoming dominated by SEO content. As many as 61% customers admit that they are more willing to buy after reading unique, high quality content. Brand marketing begins by making an impression, and SEO content is quickly becoming the preferred way to do that.

Social Media

Did you know that more than three quarters, or up to 76%, of marketers say that they understand what customers want, and a mere 34% take the time and effort to actually ask? Social media advertising and setup is taking over modern marketing, just as quickly as SEO. As many as 92% of American companies use social media to advertise, and 90% of companies around the world utilize social media marketing. Companies need to better measure and focus efforts, however. Why? Only one out of eight companies keep track of profits generated from social media, and social media marketing efforts.

Marketing, including brand marketing, is making a shift online. SEO, content creation, and social media are dominating the scope of modern marketing. Small and large businesses alike need to devote adequate time to online marketing, or their profits and businesses will suffer for it. Read more like this:

2 thoughts on “Too Little Time for Marketing? Poorly Executed SEO Can Threaten Your Company’s Future

  1. i actually think it’s kind of frightening that 76% of marketers are assuming that they know what customers want, without asking. I think that’s the fallacy of a lot of marketing, assuming you have something under control and assuming you understand something you don’t

  2. of course quality content can drive business to your company, but i can also understand that small companies may not have the time or budget to produce a lot of it. or they might not have the resources to poll and communicate with customers on what they want

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