Use Safety Tools to Cut the Number of Work Related Injuries

Rubber handle grips

During 2011, in the United States, just over 4,600 workers were killed while on the job and some three million suffer a work-related injury or illness every year. In response to that, OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, performs all kinds of inspections and has developed lots of regulations designed to protect workers. In fact, its 2013 budget has reached a staggering total of more than $560 million. However, until work place accidents stop altogether, companies will have to continue to invest in small tools, like Destaco latches, that make a big difference for worker safety.

One of the main sources of workplace injury is heavy lifting, and more than half of Americans report dealing with back pain at work every year. Fortunately, there are tools available that make heavy lifting less cumbersome. Stainless steel grippers are great in food service, but have some industrial uses, and lifting magnets have the capacity to make industrial jobs more efficient and less physically taxing on workers. On their own these tools might be insignificant, but they can be highly beneficial when it comes to worker health.

Making sure that equipment works properly and is not going to break down during the middle of a project is also important for companies who want to make sure that their employees have a safe work environment. Many production facilities depend on high volume, powerful machinery that is used to pump out products all day. In order to best control and protect them, owners and managers should install vibration control systems that include vibration pads to prevent damage. Combining them with drill bushings that support cutting tools, helping to prevent fingers from getting lost, can go a long way towards making sure that powerful equipment is both safe and reliable.

Though many tools are small, especially compared to the size of the equipment used in factories and on other job sites, bolts, one of the smallest, have one of the most important roles. The earliest bolts that were used for industrial purposes were made out of square iron, but today, there are bolts made out of all kinds of materials. They can be use for anything from keeping tons of metal from crashing to the ground to attaching small Destaco latches, and must be kept in proper condition to retain their strength. Preventing rust and quickly replacing bolts that seem too weak is a must for companies who want to protect employees.

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of small tools and pieces of equipment, like Destaco latches, that companies should give their employees. Though they might be costly, the money needed should always be made available if worker safety is made a priority.

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