Stay Cool No Matter What!

Installation of generac generator

The first ever hermetic, centrifugal air conditioner was released in 1938. It was called the Turbovac and launched by the Trane company. In the last 75 years, air conditioners have become a regular installation to our lives. In fact, many people who live in warmer climates cannot imagine living without one.

Being as important as they are to our daily activities, it is crucial that you are prepared, should you have central air conditioner issues. Central air conditioner problems can occur in many different situations. Sometimes air conditioner maintenance can prevent them from happening, but not always. Common air conditioner problems which can often be prevented by regular maintaining of your machine include freezing up, random shutdowns, and filter clogs.

Not all central air conditioner issues are foreseeable, though. Sometimes the weather inspires power outages which we have no control over. There are plenty of central air conditioner issues which can arise from things like hurricanes. Accuweather.come predicts a vicious hurricane season for 2013, so be sure to have a plan just in case power goes out.

If such a circumstance arises, having a Generac standby generator can keep you cool while you do not have power. The Generac generators automatically turn on when power goes out, causing your power supply to continue, regardless of an outage.

Between 40 and 60 percent of the total energy usage in the commercial sector can be accounted for by HVAC systems according to the UCLA. Knowing this, it may be responsible to invest in an energy efficient air conditioner.

Generators can be expensive, but the last thing you want this hurricane season are central air conditioner issues on top of everything else. Invest before the season hits, so you are not left with an abundance of central air conditioner issues when the hurricanes invade the coasts.

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