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My motto has always been “Health for one. Health for all.” I believe that it is our responsibility as human beings, to not only be concerned with our own overall health and well being (health for one), but to be concerned and make the effort to encourage the health of everyone whom we come into contact with (health for all). This does not have to be looking down our noses at those less healthy than us, or ostracizing people until they adjust their health habits. Nor should it lecturing about what they’re doing wrong. Imparting health and fitness information advice is not supposed to be a lecture, but a lesson.

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  • Health food tips are some of the hardest to impart, because people have a tendency to get defensive about what they eat, no matter how bad it may be for them. As such, if you are going to say anything, you need to choose your words very carefully, lest you mar their experience and turn them away from the idea of healthy eating altogether.

    My favorite thing to do is bring in healthier foods at work, when it’s a holiday party, or just a day for everyone to share, sometimes I do it for no reason at all! By bringing in fun, delicious, and healthy recipes, and not telling them what it is until after they’ve eaten it and said that it was good, you can sneakily introduce your coworkers to the realm of what good, healthy food actually does taste like.

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  • An absolutely fantastic way to keep in the healthy mindset is to subscribe to a daily health tip that will show up in your email every day. Whether it’s alternative health news, a new workout technique, or a new recipe, it keeps you thinking, and acting, healthy. I even like to share the tips and news on my Facebook for all to enjoy.

Now you can see how Health for one, Health for all can quite easily fit into anyone’s lifestyle. We all share this living space together, it’s about time we acknowledged that we are one huge community, not individuals all living our separate lives next to one another. The sooner we can see that, the healthier we can all be.

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