The Beaches of Maui

Best beaches in maui

If you are planning a Hawaii vacation, the beaches of Maui are some of the most popular in all of Hawaii, and with good reason. Hawaii is the thirteenth most densely populated of the US states, but its population is very concentrated in some areas, like Honolulu on Oahu, leaving others dramatically less populated. Because of this, Hawaii is actually eleventh least populous state and the eight least extensively populated state. If you stay away from the major urban areas on Oahu, you will find Hawaii and areas like the beaches of Maui to be pleasantly uncrowded.

The beaches of Maui are incredibly diverse. There are literally hundreds of beaches scattered across the island. The beaches of Maui also come in a very wide array of colors and consistencies because of the special geologic history of the island. Beaches can have white, golden, red, or even black sand, depending on what part of the island you are on. Some of the best hotels in Maui are on the white and golden Kaanapali beaches on the west end of the island. However, if you ever drive down the iconic Hana highway, you can stop at different points throughout the drive and see beaches of all of the colors represented on Maui. For the more adventurous traveler, Pu’u Ola’i Beach is one of Maui’s nude beaches. Which beaches will be the best beaches in Maui for you will depend on your personal tastes, but you are sure to find some unique beaches on the island.

The beaches of Maui also have great snorkeling because of their unusually clear waters. Mokuleia Beach, for instance, is very popular because it is a marine conservation district, which keeps fish plentiful. Also, Maui might be a volcanic island, but Haleakala has not erupted since at least the eighteenth century. However, that volcanic past is part of what has created some of the most unique beaches of Hawaii. To find the different beaches, just look over one of the many maps of Maui available.

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