Wake up on the Beaches of Fort Lauderdale

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One of the most popular destinations for travelers and spring breakers alike is Fort Lauderdale. Its reputation for being a spring break destination was popularized in 1960 by the release of the movie, Where the Boys Are, a story of four college girls who spend their break in the city, trying to find romance. Since the 60s, tourism has flourished in Fort Lauderdale. Many people come to lie on the beach or stop by on their way to one of the many cruises than leave from its shores. Other people decide they want to live in the “Venice of America,” to appreciate its intricate canal system and some of the largest “mega-yachts” in the country.

There are many opportunities to buy or rent property in Fort Lauderdale. A simple search online will result in condos and homes for sale on the beach and inland. You can also look for luxury apartments and waterfront property for rent if you are only visiting occasionally. Before making any moves, find a realtor to help you narrow down your search. They will be able to select a handful of homes or properties that suit your family’s needs. Depending on where you want to live, you could end up spending millions of dollars or only about $20,000. Realtor fees and the cost of a waterfront property could add up to more than you expect.

Even if you opt for a more expensive property, you can save money by living close to shopping and entertainment spots in the city. You could live on or near Las Olas Boulevard, home to the Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District. You could simply walk straight down this street from the heart of downtown and hit the beach. A house on the beach could also give you access to hundreds of marinas and waterways around the city. With a history that dates back to 1911 when it was incorporated, Fort Lauderdale has become a highly desired getaway for travelers, couples and families alike. If you are looking to buy property in the area, look for the areas that fits your needs. Once you have found the area you like, be sure to budget, keeping realtor fees in mind. The next waterfront property in Fort Lauderdale could be yours.

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