Encouraging Creativity and Eliminating Clutter Three Ways Interior Design Can Impact Work Performance

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Did you know that, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, office work performance is affected by indoor environmental conditions? They estimate that, when improvements are made, work performance can be improved by as much as 10%, if not more.

Along with examining factors like lighting levels and temperature, various research findings have indicated the benefit of better organization, and visual stimulation. Here are three ways you can improve your desk area so as to positively impact work performance.

1. Drawers Should Open Easily, Smoothly

According to a 2010 study by Brother International, American businesses lose $177 billion every year as a result of employees wasting time looking for misplaced items and dealing with messy desks. For this reason, having organized drawers is essential. If your drawer is stuffed to the brink and not opening easily anymore, you’re doing something wrong. Use folders, boxes and organizational space aids to bring order to your drawers. Drawer rollers can be installed to allow for smoother access, and desk grommets can be placed in the corner to keep all your wires and cables neatly organized.

2. Add Visual Interest to Keep Your Brain Stimulated

A study by the Japan Wood Research Society found that people who were situated in environments they found very comfortable, like wood paneled rooms, felt so relaxed that they experienced a decrease in brain activity. While you want to be orderly, you don’t necessarily want a space that is visually flat, since this too can potentially impact performance.

One easy way to add interest without clutter is to look at things like handles, edges and cap nuts. Unique T knobs, for example, can be used to replace a more unobtrusive handle. T knobs and industrial handles alike can be painted for a colorful touch. Scraphacker points out that DIY rope handles can be used in place of boring industrial handles. Painting the edges of furniture in complementary colors can help create linear interest.

3. Encourage Creative Sparks

There are few jobs that don’t benefit from employees using creative touches to solve problems more quickly or add interest to an old campaign. Encourage your own creativity with the items you keep around you. DIY projects can help serve as a visual reminder of your own capacity for ingenuity and hands-on problem solving. Make a lamp using half of an old globe, or dress up picture frames by gluing textured objects to them, then spray painting. Continue.

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