Secure Communication in a HIPAA World

Medical text messaging

With all of the collaboration that is necessary between doctors and healthcare providers, finding a secure communication system can be critical to maintaining privacy. Health 2.0 refers to the software and tools that enable this information sharing between patients, doctors and other providers. To maintain compliance with coammunication guidelines, mobile healthcare apps and secure messaging services must meet HIPAA requirements.

With some preliminary research, you can find HIPAA secure texting and messaging service providers that will allow for more efficient, secure communications that fit your clinics needs. One of the biggest risks to HIPAA secure texting is the use of unauthorized or unprotected devices. By consolidating your medical communication and messaging into a secure platform, regardless of what computer or smart device you are using, means that none of the electronically protected health information would be compromised.

Industry associations and other colleagues are typically a great place to start your research into HIPAA secure texting and email. As more and more offices complete the switch to a paperless system, they will have recommendations on their communications tools as well. To validate these recommendations, you could even verify the features and benefits by looking at online review sites. You will find that other medical providers and supporting businesses readily provide reviews and feedback for the different communications platforms and systems that they use. You can use these different comments to compile your short list of potential services.

Even if you are using a legacy enterprise application for patient management, it can be integrated with your mobile healthcare solutions to allow communication among many channels. It may make sense to pilot one or several of the potential communications programs to insure that it fits your needs for secure communication. While most companies provide an online demonstration, see about a temporary installation and set up for a trial so that you can work with the systems first hand. Regardless of the solution you choose for secure HIPAA communication, your preliminary research will better prepare you to find the perfect fit for your situation. Read more blogs like this:

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