Your Jewelry Collection and Your Love

Virginia engagement ring

Your wedding is a grand affair, full of flowers and food and dancing and song. The memories you create will last a lifetime. And so should the rings you choose.

Diamond engagement rings are just the first step in a series of symbols that signify your love for each other. After the engagement comes the wedding bands, two perfect circles to commemorate your perfect love. The diamonds and gemstones in your rings have traveled through fire and time to reach you, forged in the heart of the Earth billions of years ago. What more fitting symbol could there be?

But what about the years after the marriage? The tradition of jewelry can continue. Many couples add rings or extra stones for each new addition to the family. Couples also mark special anniversaries with special pieces, such as diamond earrings or bracelets. These gifts can often be matched to the style, metal, and stone shape of the wedding bands and engagement ring, so that each piece accentuates the other.

Diamond earrings are perhaps the easiest to coordinate with a ring. Diamond studs can mirror the stone shape as well as the size. Even the setting can be referenced, in a halo setting, elegant drop, or a hundred other easily-matched styles.

Bracelets are better suited to match the ring setting rather than the stone itself. The pave and micropave settings are becoming increasingly popular, both on rings and on bracelets. Channel settings, too, lend themselves well to the wrist.

While they may also contain similar stones, necklaces are often used to mirror the metal of a ring, in a graceful sweep of white gold, rose gold, platinum, or a combination of metals. Any intricate scrollwork and detail can also be enhanced and copied into a necklace, to unify the collection into a cohesive whole.

The outward symbols of our love reflect the eternal commitment to one another. The right jewelry can reflect all the beauty, grace, and harmony of your relationship for the rest of your lives. Continue reading here.

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