So You Think You Know American Cars?

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Did you know that results from a recent study revealed that the typical automobile driver curses around 32,000 during their lifetimes while behind the wheel? Do you care? Regardless, you probably hope that the above study was funded via private contributions rather than your tax dollars.

Whether you found the above “fact” interesting or useless, the history of the automobile is fascinating, especially when you look back at how they started. When Henry Ford rolled out his infamous Model T on October 1, 1908, the only thing that it had in common with the vehicle you see at car dealer auctions and car dealer websites are tires, seats, steering wheels, and engines.

The earliest cars had no doors or roofs, and their windshields were made of glass that was no more durable than a living room window. In fact, shattered windshields were more common than flat tires, and were responsible for more auto-related injuries than car accidents. You might also find it intriguing that cars did not have any type of gauges until the 1920s, and car radios did not appear until 1929.

While all of this is indeed fascinating information, it is good to know that we can buy a care from our local car dealers or used car dealers knowing that the windows won’t shatter when you hit your first pothole. Unlike the days when the Model T was only available in the color black, it is also to our advantage that we have so many different buying options.

Today, we can buy cars with every option under the sun. And if we are not satisfied with the options and choices available at our local dealers, we have the choice of online car dealers and car dealer auctions.
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