How to Use Vinyl Polymers on Clay Earrings – Andre Blog

The most popular products used to make earrings is polymer clay. It’s simple to mould the material into tiny and lightweight earrings. Clay isn’t the most versatile material. It can be difficult to get the exact design you want using clay alone. A few home-based crafters have begun to use vinyl polymers or sheets of permanent vinyl and automated cutting machines to get the exact look they want for their earrings made of polymer clay. This video illustrates one way to blend the two components to create beautiful earrings. You can make your earrings with the clay type you would like to use. The colour you choose could be vital, especially if any parts of it will be exposed behind your vinyl design. After you’ve created the foundation of your earrings from clay, you can finish your earrings according to the guidelines provided on the clay’s package. Then, you can design yourself a design by using your vinyl cutter software. Then, carefully apply the vinyl on the earrings for an entirely unique design. f96nyujmlx.

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