A Beginners Guide to Layering HTV – Discovery Videos

You can cut custom designs with this awesome material. It is possible to design your own designs through the software that comes with the cutter. It will cut the sheets. When your design cut was created the design can be applied to any fabric. But what if you want to design a pattern that is multicolored? HTV sheets can be found in simple block of color. To create the design desired, you’ll have separate the color parts of your design of different vinyl sheets. This video shows you how easy it is to mix different HTV colors into one coherent look. Cut your design up into segments of various colors using the design program. To save material, cut the pieces on vinyl scraps. Starting with the largest part of your design, start to align each of them back into your original plan. When you are satisfied with the design the design is ready to be transferred across to the fabric and then press it to the fabric one at a moment, beginning at the bottom. tv5obny9mb.

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