Where Can You Buy a C15 Plug? – Business Web Club

An appliance outlet C16 can be used to connect a C15 electricity cord. The diagram shows it as C15-C16. C15 connectors are also employed for C14 outlets. C15 connectors are specifically designed to work in environments with high temperatures. They can handle a voltage of up to 120 degrees Celsius.

If you need to buy C15 plug, you may buy it at a big box store. It’s better to support small companies. There are several smaller manufacturing companies who specialize in cable, plugs and outlets to suit various needs and tasks. Based on the project you require the C15 plug for the best option is to consult to a specialist in this field by getting in touch with a local manufacturer of plugs, cables, and outlets. These manufacturers can be found on the internet. Prior to making a purchase, read reviews online and speak to a customer service agent. Be sure to have the correct plug for the project you are working on. There may be other connectors or plugs for different purposes. For example, a C15 connector doesn’t meet the requirements. The other matches may be required. snq7khcmny.

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