Prepping Your Room for Spring – Family Issues

It’s just around the corner, so is the time to pull your flowers out and dress! ‘Tis the season for scrubbing all those difficult-to-access areas in your kitchen, cleaning out the garage and adding pops of color into every space at home. This video will show you how to bring a pop of color into every room of your house for the spring.

A simple throw blanket in pastel colors or a few basic chair accents can transform the family space into the present. Over the last few years Lanterns have become a common way of decorating houses. Lanterns can be purchased at auctions or craft stores, and can be decorated to match the colors the room displays during the season. Make sure to include your Easter decorations! If you are looking to create a spring centerpiece, or hearth, moss can be utilized to add vibrant color and life to the room. Eggs made from paper are an inexpensive decoration as a paintable option. and embellished to make great accents for your home’s interior.


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