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his YouTube video by Lady Taphos shows the procedure of deep cleansing gravestones. What happens when They Get Dirty These markers are usually constructed of slate, marble, or granite, receive the brunt of the outdoors. It is susceptible to degrade due to strong winds as well as excessive sun. In time, the composition of gravestones is changed to brown. Additionally, it is possible for mold to grow on the surface.

Certain newer markers do not have this issue. To safeguard their surfaces they’re coated with gloss. Gravestones that are older on the contrary, don’t require this additional layer.

Deep Cleansing

1. If you want to know if the gravestone has a wavy appearance or is that it is in need of repairs take a close look. Cleaning could be impossible.

2. Utilize a biosolvent for removing any accumulations on gravestone’s surfaces. There is also the possibility to harm yourself by using cleaning soap or bleach at your house.

3. To make the solution work you need to leave it on the marker. Add a bit of water.

4. Remove dirt or growths like lichen using a scraper made of rubber in order to stop further scratching. Use a bamboo skewer to get rid of any dirt from the engraving.


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