Motorcycle Shatters World Record – Entertainment News Today

They are known for their stylish appearance as well as extremely speedy. Kawasaki bikes rank among the best and fast on the market. In theory, they look good. They want to prove that their vehicles are among the top on the roads. This video shows a Kawasaki motorcycle that has broken a global record.

The day is June 30 of this year. Turkey enjoys a bright and sunny day. As Kenan Sofuoglu prepares to establish the world record for the fastest-accelerating bike, he is sitting on Osman Gazi Bridge. He will use his Kawasaki Ninja H2R bike. The bike was designed to be able to travel from 0-400km/h within a very brief amount of time. The final decision is the time frame. In the days before the official race is scheduled, we’ll polish the bike’s wheels an extra polished.

Sofuoglu is handed the clear and the bike rockets forward after he has stepped on the accelerator. The supports of the bridge glide by as he gains speed. The speed increases quickly to 300s in his speedometer. Is he able to do it? In the end, he achieves 400 km/hr. He finishes the race in 26 seconds, breaking the record for fastest time in the world. Kawasaki as well as Sofuoglu have broken the world record.


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