What To Expect From Your First Body Waxing – Online Voucher

the wax itself. You will need both and a heater for wax along with a wax. Warm the wax inside the heater before taking it out of the container. Give your client a dressing gown to stop other places from getting into contact with the sticky and hot wax.

Step 2: Sprinkle Talcum powder over the waxed area. This will dry it further, and will make it ready to wax.

Step 3: Once it is ready to use then it’s time to apply it on the area of your body that requires waxing. Make sure the wax won’t be too hot when applying it on your skin. With a spatula, spread directly on the skin and spread equally.

4. Apply wax over the area in which the hair is located. The wax strip needs to be tightly held to the end. Then pull in opposing directions according to where hair grows. To make sure that hair is pulled correctly ensure that you press the wax strip three to four times over the skin. This technique can be utilized to treat all areas of your skin that require body waxing.

Step 5: Make use of a damp cloth to lightly clean waxed areas.


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