Common Reasons for Orthopedic Treatment – Health and Fitness Magazine

For those over 50.

Rheumatod arthritis, also known as an autoimmune illness, can cause joint injuries in the hands and feet. However, it could also harm the kidneys, heart and other body organs. Rheumatod arthritis is more prevalent in people who are middle aged more than women.

Another orthopedic problem that is common is carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It occurs when the median nerve becomes compressed in the transverse ligament. The result is weakness, tingling and numbness within the affected hand.

Osteoarthritis is an additional orthopedic problem which is prevalent in older people. This is due to slow degeneration of cartilage that occurs between bones. The most likely causes are genetics, stress, obesity and other factors. The treatment of orthopedics that incorporates medication and therapy can significantly improve the severity of the problem.

Joint replacement is the only choice for those suffering from arthritis or other issues with their joints. Before a joint replacement is performed, it is suggested that the patient should discuss the matter with a physician.


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