What Is the NY No Fault Law? – Legal Videos

current on the laws in the state you reside. It is important to review the laws in your area for if you’re looking to relocate to another state or in the event that laws have not been updated over time. If you reside in New York, for example then you must learn about the no-fault law. Although car accident attorneys will assist you to navigate this law if it ever pertains to you but it’s nevertheless beneficial to be aware of the law. In this video, we will discuss the No-Fault Law , and the implications this could mean to you.

Insurance that is not fault-based allows the insured to receive compensation for getting into an accident. Whether you were in a vehicle , or an innocent pedestrian and the insurer of the vehicle that was in which you were sitting or the one that hit you can pay up to $50,000 to pay for your medical bills along with your lost earnings. This includes things like transport to see your doctor or new glasses. Per the law, every automobile in New York has this type of insurance. Every vehicle will carry at least $50k in insurance. It is a law that says that no regardless of who is responsible for the incident no one is responsible.


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