What to do Before a FUE Transplant – Dt W News


Form of hair transplant popular with people all over all over the world. There are certain steps you should follow before FUE can be performed. Let’s examine what you need to do to prepare.

The first step is to know that your hair needs to be cut before you go through the procedure. It will be done by the doctor performing your transplant. The doctor will most likely require before and after photos. It is a chance to not be available if have your hair cut.

Drinking alcohol is another thing to avoid before you receive your FUE organ transplant. It is not recommended to mix alcohol with any other medications you are taking. When you are scheduled for procedure, speak to your physician about when that you must stop taking alcohol.

Then, make sure you eat breakfast before the surgery. It’s important to eat meals in the early morning prior to your procedure.

FUE transplants are a great option for those who have lost their hair. FUE transplant is an ideal option for those who have lost their hair. Here are some facts to remember if you’re interested in FUE transplant.


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