What Is a Pergola? How Do You Build One? – Life Cover Guide

An outdoor feature called ergola is a series of posts which shade an area in a garden, or on the walkway. You can build a pergola directly in the ground, or even on the deck you already have.
Pergolas that are built on the ground are more robust than decks. In order to strengthen the pillars you have make a pergola on top of the deck you already have by using galvanized steel fasteners.
Other things to keep in mind when designing a pergola to decks are
Select wood treated for pressure that will withstand the pressure of. For wood that you want to use, choose using ACQ-treated wood since it is resistant to damage caused by insects as well as water.
You can add railings onto the posts made of wood. Winds that are strong can be stopped with railings that give the structure more strength.
It is recommended to stay clear of using heavy roofing materials such as canvas or wood cover. They could cause the pergola’s structure to collapse. Fabric panels as well as light wood lattices are the most suitable options to add shade to your roof.
* Connect the posts supporting the deck to the structure of the joists under the deck.
These guidelines will stop your pergola from falling from strong winds or heavy rain. x8d8mwkx1z.

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