Unclogging a Sink Drain – Do it Yourself Repair

Sink drains are among the easiest DIY fixes to tackle. Watch this video on how to clear a blocked drain in the sink.
One of the most effective methods to clear a drain is to attack the drain by boiling hot water. Boiling water is a great way to break up blocks caused by soap or grease particles. Hot water can be utilized to clear a blocked sink. Don’t use it often especially if your sink is connected to PVC pipes because boiling water can damage the PVC.
You may need to verify whether your sink comes with garbage disposal. It is normal for the disposal to be turned on. This removes the obstruction. Dysfunctional or overheated disposals may be unable to turn on. When you have activated the reset button in the lower part of the unit, or on the side, turn the unit on again.
After you’ve confirmed there’s not a blockage in your garbage disposal a plunger for cleaning it. The plunger will help drain the water. Make sure to pump quickly and repeatedly with the plunger. Examine if water drains from the plunger when you release it. n5dyiv6lzv.

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