Why Are Batteries So Hard to Recycle? – Rad Center

Many issues may be caused by batteries. In this clip, Ajay Kochhar, CEO and CoFounder, Li-Cycle, has revealed that it’s possible to recycle these batteries, regardless of the danger they pose.

However, only a handful of recycling businesses in existence recycle batteries, and this is because of the high cost and risk that this process can be.

Recycling the cost of batteries must be less than the cost to manufacture new ones. And when you think about how much effort goes into making one completely new battery with scratch materials (like zinc), then you can see that this isn’t easy for everyone involved.

Batteries are a big part of modern life. They power almost everything we do everyday, like the phones and vehicles we drive. It isn’t clear what to do with batteries after they’ve been used.

Most users don’t realize where their spent or damaged alkaline batteries will go after they’re recycled. It’s a risk since alkaline batteries are contaminated with toxic substances that could be breathed in and ingested. The waste stream can expose animals and children to harmful elements such as zinc oxide, or cadmium.

Companies like Li-Cycle have proven what is possible with regard to recycling battery and we’re confident about the development of an alkaline battery recycling firm like Li-Cycle. hej3yew8a6.

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