Signs That You’re In Need Of Help From A San Diego Furnace Repair Company

A lot of homeowners think that a broken furnace is one that no longer functions. However, this is not always true. There are some subtle indications that your furnace will use to tell you that it is time to call a San diego furnace repair service.

Unusual Noises

While your furnace is not going to be completely silent, it should not bang, whine or groan either. These are signs that there is an issue that needs the attention of a San Diego furnace repair company. It may be as simple as a loose belt but it is better to fix it before it breaks.

Setting Your Thermostat Higher Than Normal

If your home is no longer heating well, your common reaction would be to raise the setting on your thermostat. However, you should be calling a San Diego furnace repair company instead. You may be dealing with a faulty thermostat.

Inordinately High Energy Bills

Take a look at your heating bill. If it is too high, there may be a reason for it. Your air distribution fan may need the attention of a San Diego furnace repair company.

A Yellow Pilot Light

Make sure that you take a look at your furnace on a regular basis. In doing so, if you ever notice that the pilot light is yellow, it may be due to carbon monoxide being present. A San Diego furnace repair technician can determine the source of this problem.

Problems Kicking Or Staying On

Furnaces that take a long time to kick on or kicks on but does not stay on is a problem. This may be due to a broken thermostat, faulty wiring or a problem with the pilot light. Your San Diego furnace repair technician will be able to tell you precisely what the issue is.

In Conclusion

It is usually the most inopportune time that a furnace will choose to need San Diego furnace repair. However, most problems can be diagnosed and fixed quickly. You need to pay attention to the aforementioned warning signs though.

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