The Effects of Marijuana Abuse

The most common herb in the world is cannabis, which provides many medicinal benefits for people with certain illnesses. However, many people view this herb as dangerous and there are many sides to the issue of whether or not cannabis should be legalized. There is a tendency for marijuana abuse which has caused the legalization of this drug to be a debatable issue which has divided the country. Some people say cannabis use isn’t addictive while others say it is and that marijuana abuse can greatly affect a person’s life in a negative way.

Regardless of all the point of views that are out there about this herb, it’s important to research the effects of marijuana abuse along with all factors involving this topic. Anything can be abused, including chocolate. Therefore, the concerns about marijuana abuse should be focused on just how dangerous this herb really is and how it affects people’s lives. For example, marijuana abuse has never caused a single death, unless drive while under the influence and get into a fatal car wreck. This is unlike other drugs, including prescription drugs which can kill you if you overdoes on them. It’s impossible to overdose on cannabis and people need to know this when learning about marijuana abuse. However, there are negative side effects associated with marijuana abuse.

For example, marijuana abuse is when this herb affects a person’s life when they can’t get through a day without using it. Some people who become extremely apathetic or lazy from marijuana abuse. Although these side effects are not life threatening or dangerous, many people view them in as negative for moral reasons. There is no scientific proof that cannabis is physically addictive, but people can’t ignore the mental addictions this herb is well known for.

Cannabis use is different for each individual. Becoming reliant on this herb for emotional purposes is viewed as marijuana abuse. In other words, since overdosing on cannabis is impossible, the only way to determine whether or not people abuse this herb is by analyzing their lifestyle. However, a person’s lifestyle that doesn’t meet the standards of society doesn’t necessarily mean there is a case of marijuana abuse. If a person cannot function without the use of cannabis, they’ve become mentally addicted. This topic is still debated every day and questions about what causes mental addictions are not simply answered by claiming marijuana abuse.

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