Government Assistance Helps With A Military Move

Dity move estimate calculator

People in the military often need to move around, as stations can change and different needs need to be met in different locations. A military move, nonetheless, can warrant added stress when it is least expected and incur large expenses. Members of the military can take advantage of what is called a DITY move. This applies to someone on temporary duty, temporary additional duty, or on a permanent change of station. A certain amount of money is provided by the government, and that not spent is taxed as a Dity move calculator. The reimbursement is the total amount minus the taxed amount on the left over cash. Also called a personally procured move, military DITY moves are generally for changes of residence in the U.S., not relocation overseas. There are some conditions you need to take into account when considering a military move.

For example, if any property is damaged or lost during a military DITY move, it is considered the fault of the service member or handling company not properly packing or handling items. The government, therefore, is not liable for loss or any damages that happen in the process of a personally procured move. It is important to exhibit care during a military move. Damaged goods will not be paid for, but as with any move, it is essential to properly handle everything to minimize the costs and risks of injury. With this in mind, there are many expenses that can be reimbursed in a military move. Truck and trailer rentals, packing materials, hand truck rentals, and the rental of packing blankets and pads for furniture are included in the list of expenses that can be reimbursed. The costs of gas, oil, and tolls are covered also.

Military moving is something you are likely to encounter during long periods of service. The DITY program is sometimes used along with other programs during a military move. Household goods can be shipped on a Government Bill of Lading (GBL), while the balance can be covered under the DITY program as long as it is below the maximum weight allowance. Some other factors that can affect the reimbursement include your tax situation, and there are many things to consider during tax time. Working with a tax professional to manage your expenses after a military move is a good idea.
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