The Strength and Integrity of US Machine Parts

Boring head

As much as assembly lines are often built on those operating them, they are also built on the tools found in the machine. Machine tool distributors provide boring tools, such as the screw cutting lathe, the turret lathe, the milling machine, the metal planner and the slide rest lathe, have all been in use since before 1840. Without the use of these tools, the machines would simply cease to operate. Their quality and effectiveness shows, as the ER collet, is the most used clamping system in the machine industry. Other tools, such as presetters are used to measure the exact cuts machines need to make, with extreme precision that cannot be rivaled. These lathes and boring machines are almost solely responsible for the developing of the machine tool industry over the past several hundred years. Machine tool distributors provide these important devices and also have been doing so for decades.

These machine tool distributors provide tools constructed entirely in the United States of America, with supreme quality and functionality in mind. Jobs that were previously offshored have been known to return to the US, due to several key reasons such as the high shipping costs, poor quality, and constantly rising labor costs that are linked with offshoring a job. Machine tool distributors within the US are as sturdy as the tools they provide.

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