Protect Your Home with Burglar Alarm Equipment

Wireless burglar alarm

All of us want to make sure that our homes or our businesses are properly protected. Some of us think we do not need burglar alarm equipment because we think we live in a safe neighborhood. It may be true that, yes, your neighborhood is safe; however, that does not mean that you and your home will not be burglarized.

Here are some interesting crime facts that may make you rethink obtaining and installing burglar alarm equipment. In the United States, the average arrest rate for burglaries is only 13 percent. The majority, about 95 percent, of burglars are male, and under the age of 25. More than half, about 56 percent of burglars are white, while approximately 31 percent are Hispanic.

Now the interesting fact that should make you install burglar alarm equipment is that approximately 87 percent of burglaries are considered preventable. And how better to prevent burglaries, than through home burglar alarm systems?

Burglar alarm equipment, including wireless burglar alarms, are quite easy to install and maintain. Most systems come with motion detection systems that will set off the alarm if the doors or windows are opened when the alarm system is armed. Many systems, such as Adt alarms, are monitored. This means that if the alarm is triggered, the police will be notified immediately.

In addition to burglar alarm equipment, many security systems offer emergency panic alerts for medical situations. This is especially important should any of your family members have a condition that could require immediate medical attention. It is also a great way to monitor elderly family members who may live alone.

In addition to protecting your home and family, burglar alarm equipment can also help you reduce your homeowners insurance costs. Many insurance carriers provide discounts to those homes and homeowners with burglar alarm equipment. In fact, you can save up to 20 percent off your current policy.

Contact a home security professional, get that burglar alarm equipment installed, and you will feel safe and secure.

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