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There are many reasons why people decide to remodel their bathrooms. One reason to remodel is for someone who has a disability. There are bathroom remodel designs that will greatly improve the life of someone who has a disability so they can live more comfortably at home. For instance, when looking at bathroom remodel designs for someone who is handicapped, pay attention to toilet height. The standard toilet height is 15 inches but a toilet height of 17 to 19 inches makes the toilet more accessible for someone with a disability. In fact, the toilet height has to be at least 17 inches to meet handicap codes.

Then there is the idea of using a walk in tub in bathroom remodel designs for someone with a handicap. These kinds of tubs are easier for people to get into and out of on their own. The walk in tub has a door with a water tight seal so the water will not leak out. There are a number of different walk in tub designs too. People who are looking at bathroom remodel designs can look at them all and then decide which design will make it easier to use the tub for someone in the family with a disability. Even seniors love the walk in tubs because they can maintain their independence longer.

There are bathroom remodeling companies that have portfolios of bathroom remodel designs. Take a look at the different ideas for bathroom remodeling online. You can get all kinds of new ideas for bathroom remodeling that way that you may have never thought of before. If you are going to do some remodeling in Phoenix it is a good idea to get several price quotes. Bathroom remodeling costs can vary from contractor to contractor. Be sure you also check the reputation of the different companies that do bathroom remodeling in phoenix.

With just a few new ideas on remodeling your existing bathroom you can end up with a nice, fresh new bathroom by remodeling it. Try adding new fixtures, cabinetry or a new shower stall. You will love your new bathroom. If you have someone at home with a disability they will really appreciate the remodeling you do to accommodate them as well.
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