Get Your Motor Running, Head Out on the Highway

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A new Chevy dealer might be the place where people go if they want to buy something American. Subaru dealers are also popular with select individuals and, as part of the manufacturing division of the conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries, Subaru has become a large auto producer worldwide, ranking 26th in overall name brands.

Subaru car dealers are also known for being green friendly. The manufacturers they work for are also relatively green. In fact, a Subaru dealership in Lafayette, Indiana recently became the first dealership in history to achieve the status of zero landfill. Japan is also one of the few automakers who try to be both practical and fun.

This is not to say that the local Subaru dealers can offer the same sort of historical appeal as you will get from the local Chevy dealers. Believe it or not, the Chevy is mentioned in as many as 1000 songs, the most famous of these probably being that Chevy Miss American Pie drove to the levy when the levy was dry.

Nonetheless, Jay Z, Kid Rock and Mariah Carey all mentioned the Chevy in their hit songs. There are a lot of ways that people can come to realize just how historical a vehicle like the Chevy really is. The Chevy Impala might be a bit boring, but it is part of a long and proud tradition of vehicles that have made a big difference to American history.

The Chevy might not be as historically significant as the Ford Model T which was named the car of the century, but a new chevy dealer can put you in a ride that you are unlikely to forget. Driving a Chevy is always a good way to integrate oneself into American history. Being part of the American narrative is a challenge, but when you hit Route 66, you will know what your place in it is. Find out more here:

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  1. I like these cars, but it would be nice if we could have a few more options expounded upon in this article. I am all for the Jeep. There is no question that the Jeep is the best kind of car available on the market.

  2. I think that the Jeep is pretty good, but it is not my favorite by any measure. Still, it is a pretty good car, I will say that much for it.

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