Four Pieces of Hardware You Did Not Know That You Appreciated

Cable tie gun

It is not your fault. Everyone does it. Everyone just zips through life with no regard for the little things that help to keep it running smoothly and securely. But every now and then we need to slow down. Every now and then you may find that you actually need one of these little bits of hardware that keeps things going. So learn about them now, before it is too late.

1. Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets are used as protection for anything that gets threaded through a hole that could prove damaging. They are the ring that goes on the inside of a hole that has been cut into a surface. You can find rubber grommets in desks, to protect computer wires from any sharp metal of the desk, or in walls to prevent wires from rubbing against rough wood.

2. Nut Covers

These little devices are used to cover the ends of bolts that are sticking up haphazardly from surfaces. They can be for aesthetic or safety purposes. It is basically a simple enclosed nut that completely covers the jagged, threaded metal of the bolt end. You can see these on countless machines. And even down near the base of your toilet, the bolts holding it to the floor are usually concealed with nut covers.

3. Leveling Feet

These handy bits are found on desks, restaurant tables, and machinery all across America. They are the little round pads that rest upon the floor, and screw into the legs or base of whatever they are holding off of the floor. Each individual piece is fully adjustable, allowing for a nuanced leveling of whatever they are attached to.

4. Lift Off Hinges

These are hinges that come in two separate pieces, the part connected to the door simply rests inside of the one anchoring it to the surface. This makes for easy removal of the door for any number of reasons. It can be so that a large piece of furniture can be moved through the doorway more easily, or for in a restaurant, the refrigerator doors can be taken off quickly for easy cleaning.

Bet you did not know how crucial and omnipresent these little guys were. They are just the slightest sampling of some of the important little doodads that make our lives easier without our even being aware of it. The next time you are out, take a moment to look around for these little pieces and their brethren. It will provide you with a new sense of appreciation in life. See this reference for more:

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